This is the advanced OLED display device with full temperature control ( 300 - 435 Deg.F ) for vaporizing herbs. The high-grade ceramic heating chamber shortens the heating time to 20 seconds. The silicone mouthpiece, as well as the extra glass mouthpiece bring a nice vaping experience. Besides, the mini size of this device will be convenient for you to travel. 

Main Features: 
Built-in 2200mAh li-polymer battery 
Temperature range: 300 - 435 Deg.F / 149 - 224 Deg.C 
Resistance: 0.4 - 0.6 ohm 
Dual PCB / IC protection 
Data memory function 
OLED screen display 
Heating up time: within 20 seconds
Safety power time: 5 minutes 
Charging time: around 3 hours 
Red LED light laternating flash 10 times 
Lock / unlock: press the power button 5 times rapidly 

Please Note: 
1. The device contains a lithium-ion battery, please be sure to discard of them in a proper receptacle. Don't dispose of it in trash. Don't overcharge it and short circuit it. 
2. In order to prevent overheating , please don't leave the charger plugged in overnight.

Airistech Airis Nokiva Digital Vaporizer for Dry Herb