Anlerr LATIVA is the advanced OLED display aromatherapy device with temperature control ( 300 - 435F ) for vaporizing herbs. The high-grade ceramic heating chamber makes the vaporization process exceptional and drive the desired effect by baking then combustion, which instantly destroy the key elements found in various herbs and release a multitude of new chemical compounds. Enjoy your quality and performance of your LATIVA device.

Main Features:
Be used for dry herb / tobacco style, no combustion baking / oven vaporizer
Digital OLED display and advanced temperature control technology ( 300 - 435F / 149 - 224C )
Temperature can be shifted from Fahrenheit system( F ) to Celsius system( C )
Equipped with memory data function, it will automatically heat to last time heating temperature selected when it turn on again
Unique ceramic heating element, baking time within 20 seconds.
Heating chamber size: 10 x 20mm
Built-in 2200mAh Li-polymer battery
Output voltage: 10V
Support resistance: 0.4 - 0.6ohm
Press power button 5 times in rapid succession
Safety power time: 5 minutes
Charging time: About 3 hours
Low power: Red LED light alternating flash 8 times
Dual PCB / IC protection

LATIVA Dry Herb Vaporizer